Feel Here Now

Friends, I have gone through an incredible shift, and will be moving into completely uncharted territory in October, helping to launch a startup that touches my core passions, visions, and truth. As I transition, I am seeing more clearly the beautiful tapestry that has been created, and has served as my foundation, supporting me to … More Feel Here Now

Inner tools

Today’s reading is in the form of a three card story. It’s written as an archetypal journey mapping the energy of the past, present, and future. Try reading it from a first person perspective to get a feel for the potential your day holds. My intention is to provide these readings for the highest and … More Inner tools

Young Buck

Today, as we approach a new moon and a new cycle, we are on the cusp of the end of a cycle and the fresh beginning of a new one. The energy is perfect now for reviewing what has not been working out very well for us, sabotaging our success, our faith, and our health. … More Young Buck

the wild unknown

As he stood behind me tapping on my shoulder, I could hear him whispering, “Okay, clear the hands first. Looks like you have seven chakras out. Oh, there is something else.  Is it with the thinking? No, not wrong thinking.  With spirit? Yes. Seems like your spirit wants to be doing something else with your … More the wild unknown

Meeting of the Minds

What will you create in 2016? What kind of support do you need to see it through? Our first Meeting of the Minds last month drew 26 people together for introductions and interweavings. We are meeting again this Saturday, January 2 at 5:00 pm at the Douglas County Community Center, South Activity Room (enter the … More Meeting of the Minds

Dynamic Flexibility

Join us Thursday, May 21 at 11am for a live Dynamic Flexibility class. Steve will be leading a group through functional exercises that increase flexibility and core strength. This class is designed to increase your flexibility and stabilization, while giving you a greater sense of wellbeing and awareness of your body