Rev. Christina Marie Luna

christina face


Christina completed a 600 hour Massage program at The Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts where she specialized in stress reduction methods of bodywork integrating relaxation massage with gentle therapeutic techniques. Unraveling tension in layers, her work is profoundly deep yet gentle. By combining Eastern philosophies with western modalities and treating the body as a whole, Christina strives for balance in her client’s bodies.

In addition to massage training, Christina has completed a South American Shamanic journey through the Medicine Wheel. This journey is about the self and it’s shadows and gives tools for working with the chakras, clearing dense energy and trauma, cutting energetic cords, retrieving parts of the soul that have splintered off, past life regression, ancestor work, and healing through the power of forgiveness and love. Christina draws on all of these practices to aid and assist her clients so that they may grow into right relationship with themselves and others allowing them to move in to the grace of this life. To learn more about the Medicine Wheel click here.

Christina also offers Astrology readings through natal chart interpretation. By giving clients a tour through the archetypal stories of the zodiac, she enables them to recognize and feel these incredible energetic cycles they are living through, as she translates symbolic information into practical language for the purpose of self acceptance, acceptance of others, renewed perspective, and the overall peace that comes with understanding that the ENTIRE universe is conspiring to help us! To learn more about Astrology click here.

Most recently, Christina completed a 9 month ministry training through the Alliance of Divine Love. She was ordained as a minister on January 3, 2015.

To schedule an appointment with Christina, call  her at (775) 721-7936.


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