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As a massage therapist, Steven helps people feel good in their bodies.  Specializing in sports massage therapy, he is able to assist in soft tissue rehabilitation and injury prevention.   

As a coach, Steven inspires people to take action that aligns with their highest path for their greatest growth.  After getting signed to a baseball contract, Steve felt unsatisfied and wanted to make a bigger difference in the lives of others. He found coaching and massage therapy as a great way to create fulfillment in his life because of the genuine impact it has on other people.

After leaving baseball, Steve completed a 600-hour massage therapy program at the Bodhi Tree Healing Arts Center in 2012, where he expanded his knowledge of the physical body, specifically the physiological pattern of stress and disease.  He refined his athletic training and functional movement knowledge with deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage techniques.  He now delivers an effective, one-of-a-kind experience that unlocks problem areas to revitalize his client’s bodies and refresh their mental/emotional wellbeing.

Steve’s work can also go beyond just the physical.  In the fall of 2012, he experienced an awakening of kundalini energy, launching him on a new spiritual journey with questions and hopes to find answers with deeper understanding.  Everything was changing in his life, making him question what it all meant.

After stepping into an ancient Shamanic Medicine Wheel training that works with the soul’s evolution and healing, Steve was able to uncover ancestral patterns, shed limiting roles, discover shadow aspects of self, and develop gratitude ceremonies for the 4 directions and Mother Earth. This practice is based on the teachings of the Q’ero tradition, a tribe of the Andean mountains in Peru.

Continuing to follow a calling, Steve was ordained through the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love in October 2015. He now counsels groups and individuals, helping them find their power. Using targeted, compassionate inquiry, Steve guides his clients to discover for themselves, their own deepest truth.

Steve uses his experience and intuition to find the root causes of physical pain and discomfort, so his clients experience sustained physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  After you finish reading this, look below to see what his clients say about his work.

He spends his extra time making tibetan mala beads and coaching youth baseball.  He enjoys his kundalini yoga practice and swimming in Lake Tahoe.  Steve is a proud dad to his daughter, Allaya Grace.

With an athletic training background and sound education in massage therapy (NVMT.6442), Steve has the tools to help you achieve the next health level in your life.  If you are training for a sport, want relief from general soreness, or have a specific problem, let Steve share his resources of wellness with you!

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Other projects-

Steve is also the creator of Dynamic Flexibility: Quick, Simple, Effective online course, which is a series of athletic movements designed to build functional athleticism.


“I would like to take the time to write about my experience with Steve Mays and a brief overview of my background.

My name is Cameron Carey and I work as a Information Technology specialist doing system administration for a local government entity. I have been doing IT fulltime for approx. 15 years. Outside of my working profession, I am also into the healing arts. I have been a Reiki Master for 3 years and I am also a clairvoyant investigator. I have been working with clearing the energies in people’s homes for 4 years and doing life coaching work.

Steve Mays recently gave me a session and I was quite taken back by the results. He knows me on a friend basis, but he does not know me on an intimate level so his results can be verified. I have done a fair amount of work on myself over the years with specifics unknown to Steve. He not only was able to tap into some of my current and past life struggles, he also retrieved an image that only I knew about from a past life. He also revealed the several areas that I have been struggling to release over the years. He session was very useful to me and brought to my attention the areas I am currently stuck in.

After Steve’s session, I felt a change in perception over the course of several days. I also had overwhelming feelings that my current working life needed changing even though I felt content just a few days earlier. I was flooded with feelings that I no longer fit into my current place of employment and the people I worked with represented old patterns that no longer suited me. Following the session, I was guided to fill out a job application online without thinking about why, to an opening with a different entity. I have also incorporated some of Steve revealings into my daily meditation as  to give momentum to resolving issues that are playing in the background.

I would highly recommend Steve Mays to anyone who is thinking about undergoing life changes. It’s very beneficial to gauge your progress against your higher self and get a pinpoint to where you are currently at with your progress. His sessions act as a roadmap to where I need to put my effort and attention towards. Steve approaches you with an open heart and you can quickly tell how sincere of a person he is. I felt comfortable from the very minute he started working, to the explanations he covered with me at the end. Every session is different and multiple session will give you more points of progress on your healing journey. Steve Mays would be someone you would want to visit on a monthly basis as to gain more helpful insight on your healing journey.”



“Working with Steve is amazing!  He seems to tap right into the all-knowing source of being.  In one of my sessions with him, he offered me interpretations that captured where I was spiritually and emotionally in a way that helped me to know what I need to do in my life, right now, in order to heal my body.  I would highly recommend working with Steve as a way to connect deeply with your soul and your life’s purpose.”

-Diana L., Massage Therapist

“I recently had a couples session with the lovely Steven Mays.  I came in with some intense energy and strong negative emotions regarding my relationship.  Steve made us both feel at ease and comfortable to receive the healing.  After going through some guided exercises, my partner and I were able to take some of the insights and apply it to our life together.  He helped us both to ground and I have noticed we have both been more kind, loving, and accepted by each other.  Steve was great at facilitating this process and I am very thankful for the experience.”

Thank you❤️
Christine S.

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