Medicine Wheel


5d Academy Medicine Wheel Retreat Series

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There are twin lakes of the sky, one in North America and one in South America. These lakes are Lake Tahoe and Lake Titicaca. As shamans we believe this is where the sacred waters of Pachamama touch the Heavens . . .

It is with great honor to pass on these teachings.  These teachings are from two traditions, South America and North America. This is the medicine tradition of the Americas. Medicine of the Western Hemisphere.

The Medicine Wheel is a journey inward.

The Medicine Wheel is an exploration into the nature of time, of energy and of the essential self. We will step outside of time so that we can experience the mystery of creation and the beauty of our lives. This is not just an anthropological curiosity or a simple circle of stones.  It is a map to the rediscovery of our personal and planetary soul.

The Medicine Wheel follows a four-fold path over 12 months. These teachings are a synthesis of both ancient healing practices and contemporary reinterpretation of healing techniques that have gathered from our own teachers.

The four points of the compass are used in the Medicine Wheel. The journey begins with the teachings of the South. Here we begin our personal healing by being introduced to the medicine of Great Serpent Mother, who teaches how to shed our attachment to our personal past, the way a Serpent sheds her skin.   To learn the lessons from our experiences so you don’t have to keep repeating them. Transform our deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion to fuel our journey and reinvent our life. Learn the wisdom teaching of stepping into the place of our becoming; and to embody the practices of Non- judgment, Non-attachment, Non-suffering and Walking in Beauty.

In the West we are introduced to the Jaguar Way. Here we break free from the grip of fear and take the journey beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing space for a life of our choosing. We learn to shed the familial baggage you inherited and break free from the generational curses and patterns that are passed down from parent to child. Time to discover the way of the Luminous Warrior, to cultivate deep peace in your life and walk in the world with impeccability and integrity. You will gain the tools to embody the practices of Fearlessness, Non-Doing, Certainty and Non-Engagement.

The Hummingbird Way of the North, we learn the way of the ancestors, the ancient ones, those we call the the Laika, the Luminous Healers.   We learn how to journey to Infinity, the place outside of time and space where all possibility and wisdom exists – to engage with the living fabric of the Universe as you take your place as the Sage. We learn to drop your limiting roles and beliefs. Master the three wisdom teachings of Invisibility, Mastery of Time, and the Secrets you keep, even from yourself. Embody the practices of the Beginners Mind, Living Consequently and with Transparency.

In the Condor or Eagle Way of the East we enter the way of the visionary. We learn how to use intention and energy to dream our world into being. We learn about the evolution of our path along with our transcendence.   We learn to release limiting core beliefs and projections.

During this journey you will receive all the traditional rites of initiation. You will create your own alter/mesa based on the transmutation of your issues into the pure energy necessary to create your own MEDICINE that serves the healing of all that is. We heal and we live by example.

I encourage you to come meet me at One Studio 395 in Gardnerville for the viewing of Humano. I would like to introduce further the “teachings” of the Medicine Wheel and to answer any questions you may have for this amazing journey we call the Medicine Wheel.

Con Amor

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